Customers are faced with multiple challenges every now and then. The challenge could be of Record Retention/Record Management, or Document & Content Management, supporting an Information Architecture, or Business Intelligence. At Yajur Solutions, we addresses to all these:

Record Management/Record Retention

Yajur Solutions provides an effective records management service that will have an enormous impact on the efficiency of an organization’s broader business processes, as well as electronic discovery readiness. We extend our services to Doctors, Lawyers and Accountants. Savings may be realized through reduced records management and legal costs as well as enhanced access to vital business information.

Document & Content Management – What can Yajur do for you

Information Architecture

Information Architecture is an integral part of any Web site or software development project. It is the science of planning the blueprint from which all other aspects of the product spring from. With roots in library science and software usability, it has become a career in itself for many specialists. it's more efficient, and cheaper, to plan and refine something on paper than it is to change after it's been designed and developed.

Business Intelligence