Systems Integration

Imagine having users sign up for a promotion and the lead already being in your Sales Force Automation application. Or picture a distributor checking on the availability of your products and being able to query your Enterprise Resource Planning application for a real-time inventory and build schedule. We've been integrating existing enterprise applications with the web for number of years now, which means we don't just have the technology. We have experience applying it. From simple batch transfers (once a day) to real-time (using web services,) to reverse-engineering a legacy database, Yajur Solutions can ensure that your web site is as integrated as your business objectives require.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is becoming a real alternative for companies and governments needing to provide better services while reducing costs. Yajur Solutions leverages its High Performance Business research and the extensive experience in commercializing new technologies of Yajur Solutions to outline the opportunities and challenges.

Open Source Solutions (OSS)

Open source software represents a significant shift in enterprise IT. It can deliver faster time to market and substantially lower licensing and maintenance costs than other approaches. OSS also delivers comparable features and quality as well as greater deployment flexibility, enabling a more expansive use OSS in enterprise applications. We are helping organizations apply open source across the enterprise.

Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)

Service-oriented architecture is a strategic enabler to help drive business results. From defining and implementing SOA governance to building effective business process-centric IT, Yajur Solutions offers a comprehensive approach to help your organization use SOA to achieve high performance.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

In today’s highly competitive business environment, business and IT leaders are faced with the challenge of improving and sustaining performance, while generating the most from both old and new IT investments. Software as a service—a way to subscribe to software on-demand—can help organizations achieve these goals with faster application deployment, the flexibility to scale technical capacity up or down, lower IT costs and accelerate ROI. We help organizations realize the benefits of SaaS.

Web 2.0/Rich Internet Applications

Innovative companies understand the strategic value of combining SOA with Web 2.0 to boost productivity through collaboration and deliver more user-friendly applications. Yajur Solutions can help you understand how rich Internet content, social networking and mashups (to name a few) are changing how society works—and how your business can take advantage of these powerful tools.

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