Data Entry and Conversion

We offer Data Processing solutions for a variety of business needs. Our dedicated team of data processing professionals can take data management at your organization to the next level, exactly the way you desire. Our intention is to make your business data one of the vital tools to progress.

Our services are designed to provide affordable data entry solutions for companies looking to undertake from small to large data entry projects.

We offer a range of data entry services some of which include; document management and services such as :

  • Data formatting, indexing, organizing, editing, copying/ pasting and presenting in the desired format.
  • Data Entry Service from forms, company reports, surveys, questionnaires etc.
  • Data entry in various formats including numeric and alphanumeric
  • Data entry from various publications including; books, magazines, brochures, manuals, specifications etc.
  • Other desired forms of data capturing and data processing
  • Conversion of drawings to electronic format
  • Data Conversion from hard copy documents to electronic format
  • Conversion of forms data from Hard copy to electronic format
  • Business Process Outsourcing
  • Conversion of documents to PDF format

Your data entry service projects will be carried out by highly skilled staff.We strive to provide a high quality service at affordable prices. Our competitiveness and affordable pricing sets us apart from other companies. The affordable cost helps our clients take on bigger data conversion projects for long term gain.

We offer technology expertise necessary for the smooth day-to-day functioning as well as the long-term operations management that improves productivity and efficiency.

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